Welcome to Computer Security Laboratory

With 7 full-time faculty members and 57 graduate students, the Computer Security Laboratory (CSL) is definitely an important research structure in the field of IT security. The 7 CSL faculty members are leading research activities in several areas of information systems security. To name just a few:

IT security is a strategic research and education theme for the Engineering and Computer Science Faculty of Concordia University. This is exemplified by the hiring of 7 full-time faculty members, with expertise in IT security, and the creation of two specialized Master programs:

As of today, we have around 100 graduate students enrolled into these 2 IT security programs. This is an important pool of motivated and highly qualified graduate students that supports the Computer Security Laboratory of Concordia University. At the University level, IT security has been identified as one of the 15 research clusters of Concordia University (see this link for a complete story or visit the following site ).