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Student Academic Services of the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science

Student Academic Services (SAS) is the office that deals with admissions, advising, and other administrative tasks concerning the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science. SAS is a place where students can:

  • Obtain General Advising
  • Receive general information about Departments in the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science
  • Inquire about the admission requirements for programs offered by the  Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science
  • Find out what is needed to Change Programs , whether it be a change of concentration or degree transfer
  • Have access to information on Transfer Credits (external and internal), Student Exchanges, visiting students and Student Requests
  • Apply for readmission

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Services for New Students

My Portal - The objective of the portal project is to provide Concordia students, staff and faculty with a single entry point, or portal, to all services via the web. The portal combines various systems, user interfaces and technical solutions available to the Concordia community under a single consistent web based interface structure. You could also use My Portal to update your address, telephone number, e-mail, immigration status and any other information the university should know. Visit the website at:

Card Access - All graduate ENCS students, full-time and part-time, are entitled to have access cards to EV labs. You must be registered in either a Master or PhD program. Independent or visiting students are not entitled to have access cards. The cards are issued at the beginning of your first semester for the duration of your studies. Location

Obtaining an ENCS computer account - Your ENCS computer account is your net ID within ENCS. It is required when you login the labs, read your ENCS emails, print papers, ask for services, etc. You are encouraged to use ENCS account to communicate within ENCS community. To obtain an ENCS account, you must be an ENCS student, staff, faculty or authorized person. Go to H960 (Room 960 on 9th floor in Hall Building) or EV 7-182(Room 182 on 7th floor in EV Building) and present your Concordia ID card. A sheet of paper with your username and password will be printed for you.

Graduate Students Association - The Graduate Students' Association has its own building (the Grad House), located at 2030 Mackay Street. All students registered for a program of graduate study at the University are GSA members. The GSA is run by graduate students who have volunteered their time to make life more interesting and enjoyable for graduate students at the University. The Association welcomes the interest and participation of all graduate students. For more information, visit the website at:

General Campus Resources

Access Centre for Students with Disabilities - Provides programs and services which support the integration and independence of students with disabilities into the university community.

Advocacy and Support Services Office - Oversees the Centre for Native Education, International Students Office, Legal Information Services, the Access Centre for Students with Disabilities and the Student Advocate Program.

Birks Student Service Centre - Whether you are a part-time, full-time, undergraduate or graduate student, the centre is your main point of contact for a wide variety of services, including: transcript requests and I.D. cards . The centre offers frontline services for the Office of the Registrar, Student Accounts Office and Financial Aid (government loans & bursaries pick-up only).

Centre for Native Education - Offers support services and resources to First Nations, Métis and Inuit students at Concordia.

Concordia International - Administers the International Exchange Program that will count for credit towards your Concordia degree, while paying the same tuition fees you do at home.

Counselling & Development - Services include the Student Success Centre, the New Student Programme Office, Career Services, Counselling and Psychological Services, and Student Learning Services.

Dean of Students Office - The principal resource for the interpretation and regulation of policies and procedures as these apply to the non-academic aspects of student life.

Examination Office - Oversees the administration and scheduling of exams, as well as the University Writing Test.

Financial Aid & Awards - Assists students in seeking and securing financial assistance, in various forms, including government financial aid, usually in the form of student loans and/or bursaries, university scholarships and bursary programs, on-campus work opportunities through the University Work Study Program, and corporate scholarship programs.

Health Services - is an on-campus clinic and health promotion centre. The staff, which includes nurses, general practitioners, consulting psychiatrists, psychotherapists, support staff, and health educators work collaboratively to provide students with high-quality, personalized health care and health education. All services are strictly confidential. Health Services offers a wide variety of services including clinical services, mental health, health promotion and wellness. Health promotion programs include education on health issues such as safer sex, nutrition, healthy weight, body image, alcohol, drugs, stress management, smoking cessation, and more.

International Students Office - The International Students Office is a member of Enrolment and Student Services. The office provides direct services and programmes which promote and support the academic, personal growth, and development of international students.

Legal Information Services - Offers free, confidential information and assistance to all students, faculty and staff. They can help you with rental problems, small claims court, or consumer problems.

Ombuds Office - Advises on problems relating to university policy and procedure, ensuring that you are treated fairly.

Registrar, Office of - The Office of the Registrar deals with admission applications, student records, registration and graduation, Québec residency and code permanent forms. Services are provided at the Birks Student Service Centre (see above).

Rights and Responsibilities, Office of - Administers the Code of Rights and Responsibilities, which sets standards of conduct for all members of the university. The office also co-ordinates a system for identifying and managing behaviour that may pose a danger to others in the university.

Student Accounts Office - For all your questions about tuition and fees, fee payment policies, refund policies, payments, etc.

Student Advocate Program - Assists Concordia students facing charges under the Code of Conduct (Academic) and the Code of Rights and Responsibilities. They can also assist with student requests, grade re-evaluation applications and appeals, as well as provide information and referral on university and community resources.

Student Transition Centre - Facilitates the recruitment, registration, retention and graduation of mature students and to support learning opportunities for non-traditional students.

Convocation (Graduation) Information - Information about University Graduation Ceremonies & Replacement Diploma.

Alumni - Recent graduates automatically become a member of the Concordia University Alumni Association, which represents the 140,000 Concordia University alumni worldwide. You also gain access to valuable benefits, services and networking opportunities.

More questions?

  • How do I get an ID card?
  • How do I get an email account?
  • What is a permanent code and do I need one?
  • Where can I buy text books, pens, paper, batteries, stamps etc.?
  • Where can I the list of books required for my classes?
  • Where is my class being held?
  • How do I get a locker?

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