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  • CIISE Distinguished Seminar: An Autonomic Future Internet with Essentially - Perfect Throughput and QoS Guarantees
    - Prof. T.H. Szymanski, McMaster University
    - Date: Nov. 7 (1:30pm)
    - Location: Institut national de la recherche scientifique
    Centre - Énergie Matériaux Télécommunications (contact person Nathalie Aguiar) 800, de la Gauchetière Ouest, Suite 6900 (6th floor), Conference Room, Montréal (Québec) H5A 1K6
  • CIISE Distinguished Seminar: Malware Unmasked
    - Mr. Chad Loeven, Sunbelt Technologies
    - Date: May 12 (4pm)
    - Location: EV3.309
  • CIISE Distinguished Seminar: Enforcing Security Policies
    - Prof. Nadia Tawbi, Laval University
    - Date: May 5 (4pm)
    - Location: EV3.309
  • CIISE Distinguished Seminar: Clustering on graphs
    - Dr. Pierre Hansen, GERAD and HEC Montréal
    - Date: Mar. 31 (4pm)
    - Location: EV3.309


  • INCOSE Webcasting Presentation: Problem Solving
    - Mr. Dave Auda, Sr. Reliability/Systems Engineer
    - Date: Sept. 23 (6pm)
    - Location: EV9.221
  • CIISE Distinguished Seminar: Network Security Architecture and Management
    - Dr. François Cosquer, Security CTO and Technology Strategist, Alcatel Lucent Enterprise, France
    - Date: Jul. 21 & 23 (3pm-6pm)
    - Location: EV3.309
    - M. Eng. students may consider these 2 lectures to count as 4 signatures for the 1-credit seminar course (INSE 6961) that they will register for in the Fall semester. Please have Dr. Cosquer sign the attached form for its validation and remit it along with the other signed seminar forms you accumulate during Fall 2010.
  • CIISE Discovery Workshop: Attendees will be introduced our Master’s programs, and have the opportunity to meet with our faculty members, alumni and current graduate students, who will share their relevant academic and career experience with you. Pizza and light refreshments will be served.
    - Date: Jun. 7 (Mon.) 4pm
    - Location: EV2.260





CIISE Student's Work Appeared on Slashdot

CIISE student Xavier de Carné de Carnavalet's work on TrueCrypt ("How I Compiled TrueCrypt For Windows and Matched the Official Binaries") has appeared on on October 24, 2013. Xavier is a Master's student, working with Dr. Mohammad Mannan.

CIISE students and supervisor awarded the Best Paper Award at IEEE NCA13

CIISE students Claude Fachkha and Elias Bou-Harb, along with their supervisor Dr. Mourad Debbabi have been awarded the Best Paper Award by the 12th IEEE International Symposium on Network Computing and Applications (IEEE NCA13). Their winning paper is entitled, “Towards a Forecasting Model for Distributed Denial of Service Activities.” The conference was held August 22-24, 2013, Cambridge, MA USA


CIISE student and supervisor awarded the Best Paper Award at ARES 2013

CIISE Ph.D student Elias Bou-Harb, along with his supervisors Dr. Mourad Debbabi and Dr. Chadi Assi, have been awarded the Best Paper Award by the 8th International Conference on Availability, Security and Reliability (ARES 2013). Their winning paper is entitled, "A Statistical Approach for Fingerprinting Probing Activities." The conference was held September 2-6, 2013, Regensburg, Germany.

CIISE Ph.D. student on CTV

CIISE student on CTV

CIISE-supervised Ph.D. student, Mr. Gaby Dagher, discussed about his new cybercrime data mining tools on CTV News. This is a collaobrative progect with the National Cyber-Forensics and Training Alliance Canada (NCFTA Cda) and Sûreté du Québec (SQ).

CIISE-supervised Ph.D. received NSERC Postdoctoral Fellowship

Congratulations to Dr. Noman Mohammed who has received the prestigious NSERC Postodctoral Fellowship. Dr. Noman Mohammed was supervised by Dr. Mourad Debbabi and Dr. Benjamin Fung.

Three CIISE students received prestigious scholarships

We are pleased to announce that three Ph.D. students have received prestigious doctoral scholarships. Mr. Elias Bou-Harb recieved the NSERC Alexander Graham Bell Canada Graduate Scholarship (CGS D). Mr. Claude Fachkha and Mr. Taoufik Bdiri recieved the FQRNT Doctoral Scholarships. Elias is under the co-supervision of Dr. Chadi Assi and Dr. Mourad Debbabi. Claude is under the supervision of Dr. Mourad Debbabi. Taoufik is under the supervision of Dr. Nizar Bouguila.




BRAVO to our CIISE staff at Pumpkin Competition

In many places today, people are carving, decorating and displaying pumpkins of all kinds for this fun time of the year. Here is CIISE's twist on an old favorite - taking part in Hockey Spirit despite what's happening at the bargaining tables.


BRAVO to our CIISE staff members Rima, Lilia, Mireille, Silvie and Nina for all of their artistic efforts and a great showing at this year's ENCS Pumpkin Competition!!

CIISE offers new Ph.D. program in Information and Systems Engineering - Jun. 2012

We are pleased to announce that the Concordia Institute for Information Systems Engineering is now accepting applications to the Ph.D. program in Information and Systems Engineering.

The academic aim of this Ph.D. program is to prepare students for leadership roles in the area of Information and Systems Engineering with the knowledge and skills to advance the discipline from the academic, research and practical
standpoints. The Ph.D. program will prepare the students to address the current and future challenges in information and systems engineering such as designing, modeling, analyzing and managing complex systems, exploiting systems of systems, managing systems complexity, studying systems' attributes and understanding human factors in the system. The intent is also to prepare students to engage in independent and collaborative research in university, government and industrial contexts. During this educative process, doctoral students will participate in knowledge generation and improvement activities, research synthesis, and knowledge/technology transfer. More info...

For those prospective students who already have access to "MyConcordia", please choose the link "Application Center" (on the left) to enter your application. New applicants to Concordia University should use "Connect2Concordia".


Dr. Nizar Bouguila and Mr. Wentao Fan won the best paper award - Jun. 2012

Dr. Nizar Bouguila and his student Mr. Wentao Fan won the best paper award at the 5th international Conference on Multimedia Communications, Services & Security (MCSS'12) with paper entitled: "Face Detection and Facial Expression Recognition Using A Novel Variational Statistical Framework."


Ph.D. students received FQRNT Postdoctroal Fellowships - Jun. 2012

Our Ph.D. students, Rui Chen, Babak Khosravifar, and Noman Mohammed, have received the prestigious FQRNT Postdoctoral Fellowships.



Canada Border Services Agency President Named Deputy Minister Champion for Concordia University - Nov. 2011

The President and Vice-Chancellor of Concordia University, Dr. Frederick Lowy, together with Mr. Luc Portelance, the President of the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), today co-signed a memorandum of understanding that connects the university to the Public Service of Canada through a collaboration that supports education, research and professional training. One example of these partnerships is the Concordia Institute for Information Systems Engineering (CIISE), which has shared with CBSA the expertise of its research laboratories working on computer security, telecommunications service engineering and design. More info...


Dr. Tian received the Petro-Canada Young Innovators Award - Jun. 2011

  • Dr. Zhigang Tian has been awarded the Petro-Canada Young Innovators Award. This is a very prestigious university award that is given to very distinguished and highly productive researchers.


Dr. Hammad received research grant from WorkSafeBC - Jun. 2011

  • Dr. Amin Hammad received a $187,000 research grant as sole PI from WorkSafeBC for his proposal "Improving Construction Safety using Ultra-wideband Real-time Location System and 3D".


NSERC Workshop on Malware Analysis and Fingerprinting - Jun. 2011

  • This workshop will bring together key Canadian researchers in the field of assembly and source code analysis for reverse engineering. It will allow them to present and discuss with the participating government and industry representatives the state-of-the-art research results and gaps in this domain.
  • Date: Jun. 6-7, 2011
  • Location: EV2.260, Concordia University, Montreal
  • More details


CIISE/NCFTA Cda study receives international attention - Mar. 2011


Bell Canada made major cash donation to CIISE - Jan. 2011

  • The Concordia Institute for Information Systems Engineering (CIISE) received a major cash donation from Bell Canada with an amount of $266,000. The funds will be used primarily to fund research on cyber forensics and to support activities underlying the creation of R&D partnerships and activities in this area.



INCOSE Seminars


ECrimes Summit 2010: Trends, Threats, Strategies - Nov. 2010

  • Date: November 17th and 18th, 2010
  • Location: Hall Building, Rm 765, Concordia University, 1455 de Maisonneuve Blvd W., Montreal
  • Who should attend: Cyber-Forensics and Security professionals working in public, private, academia and Law Enforcement Sectors interested in:
    • Economic Management
    • Economic Impact of Incident Management
    • The Evolving Threat Landscape
    • International Successes
    • International Collaboration Challenges and Successes
    • Emerging StrategiesEmerging Trends and Strategies
    • Identifying NetworksIdentifying and Exposing Hackers and their Networks
    • IPvs6 AttributionIPvs6, Obfuscation and Attribution
    • Cloud NetworkingCloud Computing
    • DNS Attacks
    • Social Networking
  • More details


8 Ph.D. students received prestigious FQRNT doctoral scholarships - Oct. 2010

We are pleased to announce that eight Ph.D. students under the (co-)supervision of CIISE professors have received the following prestigious FQRNT doctoral scholarships.

(1) Ola AMAYRI
- Supervisor: Dr. Bouguila

- Supervisor: Dr. Debbabi

(3) Rui CHEN
- Supervisors: Drs. Desai and Fung

(4) Wentao FAN
- Supervisor: Dr. Bouguila

(5) Aleksandar KIRCANSKI
- Supervisor: Dr. Youssef

(6) Wen Ming LIU
- Supervisor: Dr. L. Wang

- Supervisor: Dr. Hammad

(8) Abu Sayeed Md. SOHAIL
- Supervisors: Drs. Bhattacharya and Mudur


Security team won the best paper award in PST'10 - Sept. 2010

A co-authored paper by Mourad Debbabi, Lingyu Wang, and Amr Youssef - all from the Concordia Institute of Information Systems Engineering; as well as by colleagues, H. Binsalleeh, T. Ormerod, A. Boukhtouta, and P. Sinha; received the Best Paper Award during the Eighth Annual Conference on Privacy, Security and Trust, held this past August in Ottawa. The paper is entitled, “On the Analysis of the Zeus Botnet Crimeware Toolkit,” and was published in the conference’s Proceedings.


Dr. Nizar Bouguila won the best vision paper award - May 2010

Dr. Nizar Bouguila and his collaborators Drs. Mohand Said Allili from Université du Québec en Outaouais, Djemel Ziou, and Sabri Boutemedjet from Sherbrooke University won the best vision paper award at the Seventh Canadian Conference on Computer and Robot Vision (CRV 2010) with paper entitled: "Unsupervised Feature Selection and Learning for Image segmentation."


CIISE/NCFTA Information Systems Security Colloquium - May 2010

The Concordia Institute for Information Systems Engineering (CIISE) and the National Cyber-Forensics and Training Alliance (NCFTA) Canada organized a one day colloquium on Information Systems Security at Concordia on May 4, 2010 (Tuesday).


Amendment to graduate fee billing structure

Concordia University is amending its graduate fee billing structure to align it with the funding rules and schedule applied by the Ministère de l'Éducation, Loisirs et Sports (MELS) and the billing practice at other Quebec universities. More info....


The 10th INFORMS Telecommunications Conference - May 2010

INFORMS focuses on large scale optimization tools in telecommunications network design and management. [ conference website ]


4 Ph.D. students received prestigious NSERC scholarships - Apr. 2010

We are pleased to announce that four Ph.D. students under the (co-)supervision of CIISE professors have received the following prestigious NSERC Canada Graduate Scholarships (Doctoral).

(1) Rui CHEN (CGS)
- Supervisors: Drs. Desai and Fung

(2) Aleksandar KIRCANSKI (CGS)
- Supervisor: Dr. Youssef

(3) Wen Ming LIU (CGS)
- Supervisors: Drs. Debbabi and L. Wang

(4) Abu Sayeed Md. SOHAIL (CGS)
- Supervisors: Drs. Bhattacharya and Mudur


Cisco makes major donation to ENCS - Apr. 2010

ENCS is delighted to officially announce the creation of the new Cisco Network Security Laboratory for CIISE students, made possible by a generous donation from Cisco Canada. More info...




President's Conference: Your Life as a Crime Scene Investigation:Every Move You Make - Nov. 2009

Prof. Mourad Debbabi discussed the risks associated withthe electronic trail we leave behind during everyday computing in the president's conference. Special guests from the RCMP, Competition Bureau and Sûreté du Québec gave real life examples of how Cyberforensic technology can be used to prevent fraud, combat sophisticated online attacks, and find digital evidence to convict criminals.
[ conference video ]


Ph.D. student, Noman Mohammed, won the Best Student Paper Award at ACM SIGKDD'09 - Jul. 2009

Our Ph.D. student, Noman Mohammed, won the best student paper award at the 15th ACM International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (SIGKDD 2009) with paper title "Anonymizing Healthcare Data: A Case Study on the Blood Transfusion Service." ACM SIGKDD is the most prestigious international forum in the field of data mining. This award is the result of interdisciplinary research collaboration with medical doctors in Hong Kong Red Cross and Dr. Benjamin Fung at CIISE.
[ video on award ceremony @ Time 20:00 ]
[ video on paper presentation ]


Dr. Brigitte Jaumard and her Ph.D. student, Samir Sebbah, won the Best Paper Award at IEEE International Conference on Communicaitons - Jun. 2009

Dr. Brigitte Jaumard and her Ph.D. student, Samir Sebbah, won the best paper award at the prestigious IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC 2009) with paper title"A Resilient Transparent Optical Network Design with a Pre-configured Extended-tree Protection."




IFIP DBSec 2009 at Concordia

The 23r Annual IFIP WG 11.3 Working Conference on Data and Applications Security (DBSec 2009) was hosted at Concordia University.





CIISE Information Systems Security Colloquium (ISS 2009) - Jun. 2009

The Computer Security Laboratory at CIISE organized an one day colloquium on Information Systems Security at Concordia on June 5, 2009 (Friday).


Dr. Amin Hammad won Fulbright Award - May 2009

Dr. Amin Hammad, Associate Professor at CIISE, has received a Fulbright Award as the Fulbright Visiting Chair in Transborder Studies at Arizona State University. The Canada-U.S. Fulbright Visiting Chair award is offered every year to about 10-15 Canadian scholars. As a resident in the North American Center for Transborder Studies (NACTS) at Arizona State University, Dr. Hammad will conduct research, develop partnerships, and provide guest lectures on Canada-U.S. issues, focusing on his project titled "Collaborative Emergency Management of Canada-U.S. Border Crossings."

Group of CIISE Students won OCTAS'2009 Competition - May 2009

A group of students from the CSL (Computer Security Laboratory) at CIISE won the OCTAS'2009 competition in the "Releve Etudiante - Universitaire" during the gala that took place at the Opera Club on April 8th, 2009. The OCTAS competition is organized by the "Fédération de l'Informatique du Québec (FIQ)" on an annual basis since 1987 and is a unique opportunity to recognize the achievement of excellence in Quebec's Information Technology industry. Each year the FiQ rewards individuals, companies, universities or organizations for their creativity, vitality and exceptional contribution to the growth of the IT. Please visit the following URL:


The gala of OCTAS'2009 was Saturday May 23rd, 2009 at the Palais des Congrès of Montreal, and here is the video.

The students worked on a project that addressed the "Security Evaluation and Hardening of Free and Open Source Software: A Synergy between Aspect Orientation and Security Hardening Patterns". The objectives of this research are:

  * Elaborate methodologies for integrating practical and efficient tools for the security evaluation of free and open source software products.
  * Build and implement a catalogue of validated security hardening patterns that compiles the know-how of security experts.
  * Devise an aspect-oriented framework for the systematic security hardening of free and open source software products.
  * Elaborate robust semantic theoretical foundations for security evaluation and hardening of free and open source applications.

The students affiliated with this project published 36 research publications in high quality international journals and conferences (10 journals papers, 2 book chapters, and 24 conference papers). The project is funded by NSERC, National Defense, and Bell Canada at a level of $777,000 for three years.

The students are:

  • Marc-André Laverdière (MSc. Student)
  • Nadia Belblidia (Ph.D. Student)
  • Syrine Tlili (Ph.D. Student)
  • Dima Alhadidi (Ph.D. Student)
  • Aiman Hanna (Ph.D. Student)
  • Xiaochun Yang (MSc. Student)
  • Mourad Azzam (Ph.D. Student)
  • Zhenrong Yang (MSc. Student)
  • Amine boukhetouta (MSc. Student)
  • Rachid Hadjidj (Post-Doctoral Fellow)
  • Hakim Idrissi Kaitouni (MSc. Student)
  • Hai Zhou Ling (MSc. Student)


Ph.D. student received five prestigious national, provincial, and Concordia awards - Apr. 2009

Our Ph.D. student, Noman Mohammed, has received five prestigious national and Concordia awards:
(1) NSERC Canada Graduate Scholarship (CGS). The CGS is offered to the top-ranked applicants in the NSERC scholarship competition.
(2) FQRNT Doctoral Research Scholarship. Noman has been ranked the first among the 21 applicants in the Province of Quebec.
(3) David J. Azrieli Graduate Fellowship. This fellowship is awarded to the highest ranking candidate in the Concordia Graduate Fellowship competition. Only one award is offered in Concordia.
(4) Concordia University Graduate Fellowship. The fellowship is awarded based on academic excellence. Twenty-five awards are offered in Concordia.
(5) Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science Graduate Scholarship. One award is offered in each department.


INCOSE (International Council on Systems Engineering) meeting and presentation - Apr. 21, 2009

Topic: How to Apply Systems Engineering with SysML to a Parking Lot Management System
Date and time: Tuesday, April 21, 7 PM.
Place: EV-3-309
Speaker: Mr. Mike Lussier, Senior Advisory Tech Rep, IBM Canada
At the INCOSE International Symposium, June 2008 held in Utrecht, Netherlands, participating systems engineering tool vendors were asked to provide a solution to the following systems engineering problem: to develop an automated parking lot management system for a hotel chain with low-cost, high valued business hotels in city centers around the world. Each hotel has some space for parking, but the space is often occupied by people working in nearby offices, causing arriving guests not to find space for parking their car near the hotel. In order to secure parking space for their guests, the hotel needs an automated system to manage the use of the limited parking space. Tool vendors were expected to:
1. Compose the system specification
2. Demonstrate requirements handling
3. Define the system in its environment
4. Define logical sub-systems, flows from sub-systems to the environment and flows between sub-systems
5. Define sub-system activities
6. Include the particularities of the human sub-systems (=humans) that are part of the total system
7. Describe the functional modes of the system and transfers between them
8. Draw a timeline for the development of the system
9. Show how your tool supports the System Engineering activities

The presentation relates the solution from IBM Telelogic based on the use of DOORS for requirements management, Rhapsody SysML for systems modeling and the Harmony SE process that guides the systems engineer as he/she produces a validated requirements model to hand off to the software engineer.

Please reserve  by sending an email to with the subject "INCOSE meeting".



CIISE professor develops image processing system that detects moods - Oct. 1, 2008

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? Dr. Prabir Bhattacharya and his computers might. He and Concordia graduate student Abu Sayeed Sohail are developing a computer image processing system that detects and classifies human facial expressions.

The aim of this system is to take and analyze photos of individuals, potentially in areas of high traffic where security is a primary concern, such as an airport. If one could take random photos of the crowd and process them fast enough, there is the potential to identify those individuals who might be problematic.

Facial expressions do not actually involve the entire face, but rather specific sets of muscles under the face near the eyes, nose and mouth. Bhattacharya and Sohail's system measures 15 key points on the face and then compares these measures against images of identifiable facial expressions. Although there is great variety in expression across both individuals and cultures, the pair has identified seven basic expressions that seem to be relatively universal.

The results of their research to date were recently published by Verlag Dr. Müller in Classification of Human Facial Expression: A Prospective Application of Image Processing and Machine Learning .

More information on The Gazette.

For more information contact Dr. Prabir Bhattacharya at 514-848-2424 ext. 5381 or


Concordia, through CIISE, is proud to be a founding member of the New Canadian Cyber Forensic Organization - Jul. 21, 2008

Concordia, together with Bell Canada, the Competition Bureau of Canada, Rogers Communications, and Microsoft Canada, are proud to be the founding members of the National Cyber Forensics Training Alliance Canada (NCFTA Canada). This new Alliance will be hosted by CIISE at Concordia University. More infomration from Media Relations.


Dr. M. Debbabi appointed as Director

On June 1, 2008, Dr. Mourad Debbabi was appointed the Director of the Concordia Institute for Information Systems Engineering.



Farewell to Dean Esmail

On May 21, 2008, the faculty members and administrative staff of CIISE organized a farewell meeting for Dean Esmail to wish him goodbye and thank for his support in developing CIISE in the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science at Concordia University. CIISE has taken off in Canada since 2002 following a series of graduate programs, research projects, and interdisciplinary collaborations with the industry.


CIISE Information Systems Security Colloquium (ISS 2008)

The Computer Security Laboratory at CIISE organized a one day colloquium on Information Systems Security at Concordia on May 30, 2008 (Friday).


CIISE offers new courses in Summer 2008

  • INSE 691B - Wireless Security
  • INSE 691C - Systems Engineering Maintenance Management
  • INSE 691D - Security Implications of Data Mining
  • INSE 691E - Cybercrime Investigations



Dr. N. Bouguila awarded

Dr. Nizar Bouguila, Assistant Professor at CIISE, was recently awarded the prestigious 2007 "Prix d'excellence de l'association des doyens des etudes superieures au Quebec (Quebec ADESAQ prix d'excellence)", in a ceremony held in Montreal on October 11, 2007. This prize is awarded each year to the best Ph.D thesis in Engineering and Natural sciences in Quebec. Previously, Dr. Bouguila was a runner-up for the prestigious NSERC Doctoral prize in Engineering and Computer Sciences (awarded only to the top 4 in Canada), and he received the award for best Ph.D thesis from the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences in Sherbrooke University. In addition, in May 2007, Dr. Bouguila was also awarded Best IAPR student Paper award in the IEEE Fourth Canadian conference on Computer and Robot Vision (CRV2007), for a paper that he co-authored with Mohand Said Allili and Prof. Djemel Ziou of the University of Sherbrooke.


Dr. R. Dssouli appointed as Associate Dean

Dr. Rachida Dssouli was appointed the Associate Dean Information Technology at the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science.



Dr. M. Debbabi appointed as Acting Director

Dr. Mourad Debbabi was appointed the Acting Director of the Concordia Institute for Information Systems Engineering.



A New Book on On-line Analytic Processing Systems

Drs. Wang and, Sushil Jajodia, and Duminda Wijesekera wrote a book on On-line Analytic Processing (OLAP) Systems. This book addresses the privacy issue of On-Line Analytic Processing (OLAP) systems. OLAP systems usually need to meet two conflicting goals. First, the sensitive data stored in underlying data warehouses must be kept secret. Second, analytical queries about the data must be allowed for decision support purposes. The main challenge is that sensitive data can be inferred from answers to seemingly innocent aggregations of the data. This volume reviews a series of methods that can precisely answer data cube-style OLAP, regarding sensitive data while provably preventing adversaries from inferring data. The book is published by Springer Verlag.


A New Book on Embedded Java Security

Dr. Debbabi together with his research assistants M. Saleh, C. Talhi and S. Zhioua wrote a book on embedded Java security. The book is a detailed study of J2ME CLDC security. The book details the Java ME security model, its vulnerabilities together with the underlying risk assessment. Notice that Java ME is deployed on more than a billion cell-phones. The book is published by Springer Verlag and is the first on Java ME security and it is on sale at Amazon and many other places!



The 3rd Workshop on Optimization of Optical Networks (OON 2006): Get information on the workshop program

[Link to OON 2006]



The 17th IFIP International Conference on Testing of Communicating Systems (TESTCOM 2005)

[Link to TESTCOM 2005]



New Technologies for Distributed Systems (NOTERE 2004)

[Link to NOTERE 2004]



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