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Prospective Students

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CIISE offers one Ph.D. program in information and systems engineering, two master's programs in information systems security and quality systems engineering. These are the first programs in Canada. CIISE also offers two graduate certificate programs in 3D graphics & game development, and service engineering & network management.


Ph.D. Program

Information & Systems Engineering: The academic aim of this Ph.D. program is to prepare students for leadership roles in the area of Information and Systems Engineering with the knowledge and skills to advance the discipline from the academic, research and practical standpoints. The Ph.D. program will prepare the students to address the current and future challenges in information and systems engineering such as designing, modeling, analyzing and managing complex systems, exploiting systems of systems, managing systems complexity, studying systems' attributes and understanding human factors in the system. The intent is also to prepare students to engage in independent and collaborative research in university, government
and industrial contexts. During this educative process, doctoral students will participate in knowledge generation and improvement activities, research synthesis, and knowledge/technology transfer.

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Master's Programs

Information Systems Security: Security of information systems raises numerous open legal and ethical issues that are currently being addressed at both the academic and industrial levels. Many of these issues raise some clear conflicts between the global versus national interests, as well as government versus public interests. Throughout this master’s program, the students will be introduced to many of these issues such as IT security ethics, privacy, digital copyright, licensing IT security products, import and export control regulations, computer fraud and abuse, computer crime control, national and international criminal codes, incident handling, infrastructure protection and espionage laws, privacy laws, business records, digital forensics, and security and privacy threats caused by data mining.

Quality Systems Engineering: The academic aim of this program is to endow the graduates with a complete expertise in the engineering of quality systems. This is mainly due to the fact the program is an integrated set of complementary, mandatory and non-overlapping courses that address all the aspects of quality systems engineering. Our former students are currently employed by a variety of companies including RIM, Bombardier, Pratt & Whitney, Microsoft, SAP, CGI, Ericsson, IBM, Novatek, Mecanica, SNC-Lavalin, Presagis, Accenture, iCongo, Posera, Bell Canada, Oil and Aerospace Companies, and much more.


Graduate Certificates

3D Graphics and Game Development: The electronic entertainment industry has become one of the largest and fastest growing industries in Canada, and has a large representation in the Montreal area. The 3D Graphics and Game Development Certificate is designed for graduate students who wish to gain basic and advanced skills which will assist them in the development of software for computer graphics, multimedia, and games, and for employment in the electronic entertainment industry. This program is based on course work with a minimum of 16 credits which can be completed in one year.

Service Engineering & Network Management: This program is for qualified university graduates who wish to obtain a complete set of knowledge and expertise that is necessary to work in the area of telecommunication and enables students to acquire knowledge in the area of network management. This program is based on course work with a minimum of 20 credits which can be completed in one year.


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