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Information Systems Security

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Security of information systems raises numerous open legal and ethical issues that are currently being addressed at both the academic and industrial levels.  Many of these issues raise some clear conflicts between the global versus national interests, as well as government versus public interests. Throughout this master's program, the students will be introduced to many of these issues such as IT security ethics, privacy, digital copyright, licensing IT security products, import and export control regulations, computer fraud and abuse, computer crime control, national and international criminal codes, incident handling, infrastructure protection and espionage laws, privacy laws, business records, digital forensics.

CIISE offers a thesis-based option and a course-based option for this program.


Application Deadline

For Canadians and Permanent Residents

  • February 1st - Summer term (May/June)
  • June 1st - Fall term (September)
  • October 1st - Winter term (January)

For International (Study Permit) Students

  • October 15 - Summer term (May/June)
  • February 15 - Fall term (September)
  • June 15th - Winter term (January)


Contact Coordinates

Graduate Program Assistant
Voice : (514) 848-2424 ext. 5367
Fax : (514) 848-3171
Email :


How To Apply

  • Online. Go to, click on "Apply" and choose "Information Systems Security."
  • Regular mail. Concordia University, Graduate Admissions Application Center, P.O.Box 2002, Station H, Montreal, QC H3G 2V4, Canada
  • In person. Graduate Admission Services, Birks Students Service Center, 1400 de Maisonneuve Blvd West., Room LB-185.


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