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M.A.SC. in Information Systems Security

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Program Objectives

The academic aim of this Master of Applied Science (M.A.Sc.) program is to prepare students with the skills, knowledge, cutting-edge technologies, expertise and best practices to be security architects capable of designing, implementing, analyzing and managing the security of real-life information systems. Second, the program will put the emphasis on helping each individual acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to maximize his or her potential as a researcher in information systems security. Students will engage in applied research and academic course of study examining existing theory and ways in which these influence the security of information systems. Financial support may be provided by a thesis advisor in certain cases. This program has a Co-op option. For details each student should contact his/her academic advisor.


Admission Requirements

Applicants to the Master of Applied Science in Information Systems Security must hold a bachelor's degree or equivalent in:

  • Computer Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Any engineering or science discipline provided that the student has a strong background in information systems

Admission into the program is competitive and only applicants with high academic standing will be considered.


Requirements for Completion

  1. Program of Study. The student will follow the proposed course sequence. In addition, s/he must consult with his/her supervisor for selecting a research topic. See item 5.
  2. Credits. A fully qualified candidate is required to successfully complete a minimum of 45 credits. Additional credits may be required in some cases.
  3. Courses. Students must complete a minimum of 20 credits, including 16 credits of core courses (INSE 6110, INSE 6120, INSE 6130, and INSE 6140) and one 4-credit course as shown below:
    • a course chosen from the topic area E69 Information Systems Security, approved by the student's supervisor, or
    • an INSE course, approved by the student's supervisor and either the Graduate Program Director or the Director of the Institute.
  1. Thesis. Students must complete a 25-credit thesis as part of their degree requirements. The thesis must represent the results of the student's independent work after admission to the program.
  2. Students have the option to do the thesis work within the industrial milieu through the Institute of Cooperative Education. Companies that participated in our co-op program include IBM, SAP, Bombardier, Pratt & Whitney, Novatek, CGI, Lotto Quebec, VIA Rail Canada, and more.

E69 - Topic Area: Information Systems Security - Please consult the Graduate Calendar for a full list of these courses (Course Description)

E62 - Thesis and Comprehensive Examination

  • INSE 8901 Master of Applied Science Research and Thesis


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