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The Concordia Institute for Information Systems Engineering (CIISE) is an interdisciplinary fundamental research, R&D learning institute, housing state-of-the-art research in innovative applications of information systems to a wide range of areas: systems engineering, information systems security, high-quality system engineering, communication software engineering, data mining, bioinformatics, digital forensics, embedded systems engineering, electronics, multimedia, aerospace, finance and banking, automotive, manufacturing, and building and construction management.


Research Laboratories

CIISE has three affiliated research laboratories.


Industry Sponsors

CIISE closely collaborate with various sectors in the industry.


Grants and Funding

CIISE has received over 3.4 million research funding from various sources, including NSERC, DND, NATEQ, Infrastructure Canada, MRST, PROMPT-Québec, and Concordia University, to conduct over large variety of interdisciplinary research projects.



Our research is powered by cutting-edge equipment and computing facilities.


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